Kathak, a unique art form, imparted to your child by laying down the foundation techniques and movements, tailored by our choreographers.
Contemporary is a modern dance form developed in the mid-twentieth century. It has grown to become a dominant genre in the world. It focuses on the western techniques of contemporary dancing

About Us

Performing Arts has often proved to be a medium for self-expression, confidence building, co-operation, eventually translating to higher academic achievement. Bangalore School for Performing Arts’ Vision is to introduce an array of performing arts into progressive learning, helping you cultivate your creative side. We have a young and bright ambience ensuring that art, performance and daily activities are one’s best friend.


BSPA was founded on 17th May 2016

By two immensely talented and experienced individuals, Ansul Kumar Garg and Guru Datha

We are a family grooving towards progress

We want to help your child express emotions

We are open to all ages

We want to help your child develop physical agility and improve co-ordination

We even have our own day care program for your little ones called ‘Kriya’

We help schools do more with their events