School Field Trips

Looking for a fun environment for your next field trip? Come over to Bangalore School For Performing Arts! We offer enthralling activities, each filled with fun and learning. These activities help your kids keep their mind sharp and their body active!

School Annual Days

Every year, children wait with great anticipation for a single event where they can showcase their talent. ‘Annual Day’ is that day where students are filled with euphoria and emotions. This is their day of creative expression. We are here to help conduct the event in the school or the facility chosen by the school’s management and execute the event for the joyous occasion that it is. These events will leave a lasting positive impression in students’ hearts and imbibe nostalgic feelings, every time these events are visited upon in memory.


Kriya Day Care has a safe, development-driven environment for your children. We focus on providing an educational experience which stimulates each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. We want to nurture your child's mind and body through various interesting and entertaining activities, leading them to an exponential learning curve!


We believe in an ‘All fun and more play’ philosophy when it comes to celebrating birthdays. A personalised jollification for you and your loved ones which is guaranteed to spread laughter and joy. Let us help you celebrate your birthday and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime!