Courses - Kids

Dance Active

Dance Active is our curriculum specially tailored for kids below the ages of 3 to 7. This customised course - which includes elements of active play, gymnastics and theatre helps your child pick up skills in dancing. What’s more? A fun environment guarantees an exponential learning curve!


Contemporary is a modern dance form developed in the mid-twentieth century. It has grown to become a dominant genre in the world. Our course caters to ages of 7 onwards. It focuses on the western techniques of contemporary dancing for beginner level dancers. The course aims to develop your child by introducing core fundamentals and inculcating the basic disciplines of popular art form.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop represents dance styles performed to hip-hop music and styles that have evolved out of modern hip-hop culture. Our focus is aimed at developing grooves, bounce, and footwork each of which references our choreography model for beginners. This model gives focus on learning step by step to achieve a larger routine for your child. Our course caters to ages of 7 onwards.


Kathak is one of the ten major forms of Indian dance. This classical form of dancing enables story-telling through dance. The origin of Kathak is traditionally attributed to the traveling bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers. Kathak emphasises rhythmic foot movements, adorned with small bells also known as ‘Ghungroo’, with the movement also harmonized to the music. This unique art form will be imparted to your child by laying down foundation techniques and movements, tailored by our choreographers. Our course caters to ages of 4 onwards.


Ballet is a western classical dance form which is highly technical with its vocabulary based on French nomenclature. It has been globally influential and has defined the foundational techniques used in many other dance genres. Introducing your child to Ballet early helps in developing the right movement, footwork and balance. Our course is designed for age groups of 4 onwards.


Gymnastics is a fitness art form that focuses on flexibility, strength and body conditioning through a set of gymnastic based principles. Although it focuses on building the physical core of an individual, the development of mental traits like alertness, precision, daringness, self-confidence and self-discipline are added benefits. Our course is tailored for ages for 4 onwards.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art form which is characterised by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping & spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. Our course is recognised by the Indian Taekwondo Association and trains kids in self-defence. Our course is for age groups of 4 onwards.


Theatre is the art of emoting, acting and performance. Modern theatre, broadly defined, includes performances of plays and musical theatre. There are connections between theatre and the art forms of ballet, opera (which uses staged and costumed performances with singing and orchestral accompaniment) and various other forms. It is a structured course to introduce kids to theatre/acting and develop their self-awareness to be more comfortable on stage. This encourages them in developing the skill of expression. Our course is tailored to ages of 4 onwards.